Test System 


Automated Power Supply Tester

=> To test/define the electrical performance characteristics of SMPS Based AC to DC switching adapters, operating in universal AC range
=> Defines the performance characteristics of an Automated Test Equipment(ATE) operating on single phase universal range of AC input and having facility to test FOUR adaptors at a time.
Key Points:
      => i/p through a controlled servo stabilizer & isolation stepup
          transformer for i/p AC simulation
      => Electronic load bank for output DC load simulation.
      => Micro controller based control electronics.
      => Data acquisition system
      => Computer with Application Software Package
      => ATE Power ON: Panel meter display to indicate POWER ON
      => Adaptor Passed: GREEN LED for each adaptor to indicate
           the adaptor tested & found OK
      => Adaptor Failed: RED LED with audio alarm
           will be provided to indicate the failure
Test Performed:
      => Full Load Test at Min AC,Max AC,Nominal AC
      => No Load Test at NOMINAL AC
      => Short Circuit Test
      => AC ON and OFF Test
      => Fold Back Test
      => Input Over Voltage
Software Features:
      => Flexible configurability
      => display of test results tabular form
      => Automatic serial number allocation
      => Sticker design module to cater various adapters
      => Pass or fail results in tabular form
      => Reports either by serial number or by date
      => Prints sticker with logo serial no, model no etc
      => Pass/fail indication through front panel LED’s with alarm