Power Supplies


DC Power Source Dual Channel (24V/70A, 24V/200A)

Salient Features:
=> 6 pulse Thyristor based full bridge rectifier System and single phase bridge rectifier
=> Designed for DC Motor Drive
=> Foot pedal switch control for 70A fixed
=> Foot pedal potentiometer for 200A variable
=> 3 Phase and single phase 50Hz input power supply:± 10%
=> Output Voltage: 0V to 24V DC
=> Output Current: 0 to 70A, 0 to 200A
=> Line / Load regulation: ± 1%
=> Over Load Capacity: 110% Overload for 10s
=> Forced air cooling.
=> Efficiency of the system: more than 80%
=> protections: over load, short circuit and over/under voltage (AC)
=> metering: voltage, current
=> Indicators: Mains ON, power on, Alarm Trip