Electronic Load Bank-200V/200A

=> 10V-200V/0A-200A
=> High Rate discharge electronic load bank,Designed to perform discharge load simulation on Primary batteries
=> Voltage range of 10-200V.This system is capable of efficiently loading the DC Source with a constant current in the range of 0-200 Amperes
=> Max Load capacity is 200A Or 40 KW max
=> Igniter firing electronics to test fire the primary batteries.
=> RS232 Interface with easy to user Application Software
=> Programmable Load Steps with Programmable sample rates.
=> Programmable Sample rates: 1ms; 10ms; 100ms; 1000ms;.
=> Dynamic Pulse load simulation of as low as 10mS @1mS DAQ
Operating mode:: Constant Current , Constant power ,Constant Resistance and Constant voltage.
Protections: Over Voltage, Over Current, Over Power and Reverse Protection.
Data Acquisitions : Current, Power, Voltage, Squib Current.