Fule Cell Test Station


Fuel Cell Test Station

=> Specifically Designing for testing Mass flow Cell Stack.
=> H2 flow and Air/O2 flow through suitable programmable mass flow controllers.
=> Displayed Digital flow rate.
=> N2 purging facility.
=> Line Temperature Controller for both H2, O2 .
=> H2 & O2 Humidification: 0 to 150˚C (or) 70 to 100%RH.
=> Remote mode operation.
=> RS232 Interface with easy to user Application Software
=> Programmable Load Steps with Programmable sample rates.
=> Voltage and current display through digital Voltmeter and Ammeter
Two suitable Electronic loads provided:
  1. 0-60V, 0-100A, 600W
  2. 0-120V, 0-200A, 5000W
Provisions for run the FCT in:
  • Constant Current Mode
  • Constant Voltage Mode
  • Constant Power Mode
  • Constant Resistance Mode
Cell can run Mode in:
  • Activation Mode
  • Dynamic Mode
  • Static Mode
Protections: Over Voltage, Over Current, Over Power and Reverse Protection
Data Acquisitions : Current, Power, Voltage, Squib Current, Temperature
Terminations : By Time,By End Voltage,Forced Termination, Emergency Load Termination.
Limits : Temperature cut off, Voltage and current Cut off.
Indications: Voltage, Current, Output ON, Test On, Test Over