Programmable Load System


Programmabl Electronic Load-60kW

=> Latest Microcontroller based Control electronics
=> Specifically Definable Missile battery types
=> Simulation testing of missile batteries
=> Powerful user friendly Application Software
=> Remote mode operation
=> RS232 Interface with easy to user Application Software
=> Modes of Operation with Constant Current, Constant Voltage, Constant Resistance & Constant Power
=> Programmable Load Steps with Programmable sample rates.
=> Programmable Sample rates: 1ms; 10ms; 100ms,1000ms;
=> Responds to pulse loads of as fast as 1ms
=> High precision data acquisition
=> Powerful graphical data presentation with multiple zooming
=> Tabular data presentation for closer examination of battery performance
=> Data export to MATLAB for further analysis
Protections:Over Voltage, Over Current, Over Power and Reverse Protection
Data Acquisitions :Current, Power, Voltage, Squib Current, Temperature
Terminations :By Time,By End Voltage,Forced Termination, Emergency Load Termination.
Indications:Source Connected,Load ON,Test Over,Over Voltage, over current, over power