Electronic Load Bank


Hybrid Electronic Load-150kW

=> The Hybrid Electronic Load System is designed to perform load simulation tests on the various DC sources such as Rectifiers, AC-DC converters, Battery Banks, Chargers.
=> The Hybrid Electronic Load comprises of the following 3 Sub Systems.
       => Hybrid Electronic LOad
       => Micro Controller based internal Data acquisition
       => Micro Controller based External Data acquisition
Current: 0-500A
Power: 10kW-150kW
Voltage: 10V-400V
Voltage Ranges:
       => R1: 10V-20V
       => R2: 40V-60V
       => R3: 50V-100V
       => R4: 100V-200V
       => R5: 200V-300V
       => R6: 300V-400V
=> Remote mode operation.
=> RS232 Interface with easy to user Application Software
=> Programmable Load Steps with defined sample rates.
=> Programmable Sample rates: 100ms,1000ms;
=> Forced Air cooling.
Operating mode:
       => Constant Current
       => Constant Power
Data Acquisitions :Current, Power, Voltage, Squib Current, Temperature and individual cell voltages.
Protections:Over Voltage, Over Current, Over Power, Against Short Circuit and Reverse Protection
Terminations :By Time,By End Voltage,Forced Termination, Emergency Load Termination.
Indications:Source Connected,Load ON,Test Over,Over Voltage, over current, over power