Battery Chargers - Manual


Float Cum Boost Charger 24V-48V / 7.5A

=> Voltage: 28.8VDC or 57.6VDC (Selectable)
=> Current: 7.5A (FIX) CVCC
=> Power: 432W
=> The main purpose of the FCBC is to charge the batteries containing 24volts and 48 volts
=> When battery is charging condition system will come to FLOAT mode till then BOOST mode is working.
=> Float mode 2A current fixed.
=> Regulation: ±1% Line and Load
=> Output Ripple and Noise: Less than 1% Peak-Peak
=> Working Temperature : -15˚C TO +85 ˚C + Ambient Temperature
=> Protections: o/p over voltage,over load,short circuit,battery blocking & battery reverse polarity